Saturday, September 3, 2011

Of Slingshots and Catapults

At my niece's 4th birthday party today, my 7 yr old nephew says "Uncle Joey, wanna see my slingshot I made!?"

Of course I do, having made my share at his age.  His elastic broke, and they didn't have any stronger ones.  Aha!  I think to myself.  Time to break out those big thick "Johnny Bench Batter Up" style elastics I've been hoarding for just such an emergency.

Then I ask him "You know what's better than slingshots?  Catapults!"

A couple quick sketches later, he announces he wants to make a catapult.  So home I go for handsaws, nails and the Johnny Bench Batter Up elastics.

Of course, his promises to help, as well as those of my 6 year old nephew, last about 10 minutes, tops. 

But I built the fucker anyhow.  It ain't pretty, but it shoots a rock a good 6 feet, with a strong tailwind.  :)

To give an idea of the size, the longest log is about 3 feet long.  Had some difficulty with the part that holds the rocks, but like all good home projects, all it needed was some duct tape.  Badass!


  1. Freaking awesome! A+ use of duct tape. Slingshots are gateway drug, and now you have set a dark path to catapults, and then its a downward spiral right to trebuchets!

  2. I heartily approve! On a somewhat related note, I've been wanting to make a crossbow out of a leafspring for sometime now..

  3. So your a Twilight 2000 player bulette?
    I agree awesome use of duct tape!


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