Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seeking Advice: Original Dragonlance Modules for the Nephews' First Real D&D Long-term/Campaign Type Experience?

Here's the deal:  I have 2 nephews, age 6 and 7.  I'm thinking they're just about the right age for some sort of regular D&D gaming.  I've played a couple random one-offs with each of them, to give them the flavor, where I made it up as I went along, and they rolled dice to do certain things, and we all had a good time. They played Jedi, of course.  :)

Much as I'd like to introduce them to what we all love, the old school sandbox style of play, I think they're too young.  I'd like to give them some sort of story, like a series of TV shows that builds to a season finale.  I'd like to make it as fun as I can for them.  Most likely playing with us would be my brother, who I've gamed with forever.  He can help guide the kids towards the obvious best ideas and actions, thus ensuring a good time.  It seems that Dragonlance may fit the bill, despite it being the doom to old school gaming by some. 

I've never actually run any of the modules, although back in the day I made up a variation on them which my players enjoyed, based on the Chronicles book series, adapted for their characters who were trapped in the DL universe.  I have most of the modules, just missing a few, which I could acquire easily I'm sure. 

Honestly, what I like about it is the railroad-y story aspect, though it goes against all I'd like to play in now.  I think the kids would like it.  I think it would give enough guidance and direction to help ensure they have fun all along the way, especially if they know they are building towards something big, one module at a time.  I think the aspect of having what looks like a big huge season finale type thing would get them more into it. Plus, its a simple story, which I know I can dumb down to make it age appropriate if needed without losing the best parts of it. 

What do you guys think?  Anyone have any experience with either the DL series, or with introducing kids of this age to a long term game?