Monday, August 15, 2011

Awesome Rob Kuntz Interview!

A while ago Rob and I spoke about potentially doing an interview.  We talked via Skype, and it was very interesting.  I jotted down some notes, which I then sent to him in the form of questions, in order to flush out some of his more interesting points.  He mentioned that he had one big interview that he was working on with another blogger first.  I think this may be the one he was speaking of.  It's awesome.  Read it! 

Even if we never get to finish up our interview, I have to say Rob is one of the most interesting people I've met, and he has insights into the game, and its history that no one else has, due to his involvement in creating the genre.  A lot of that comes out in the interview above.  I hope he does one day finish his memoirs so we can have more insight into those early days of the hobby.


  1. Rob's holding a follow-up Q&A session if you want to ask him some more specifics about his thoughts from the interview:


  2. Dissenting Creative. That's me. Still prefer homebrew worlds and also prefer playing in other games where the GM created the adventure, or is creating the adventure on-the-fly.


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