Friday, August 26, 2011

All Day Hurricane Google+ Constantcon D&D Event! Play 'til the Power Goes Out!

Because I've got nothing better to do than drinkin' a 6 pack or two and eating cold pizza while the world ends---I'll be running D&D over Google+ this Sunday, starting at 1 pm Eastern USA time.  I may run Castle Zagyg Upper Works, or a classic module or two.  Ruleset = AD&D/Osric.  Basically, I'm gonna play 'til the power goes out, or I pass out, and hope that there is no work the next day, 'cause like, hangover...

If interested, go to my Google+ page at 1 pm EST Sunday.  If I still have power, I'll be there.

(I'm Joe Thelawyer on Google+)