Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vanguard: The Spiritual Successor to the Original Everquest

MMO Salvation has arrived!

I posted a while back on the original Everquest, DDO, and made an analogy as to how EQ was like old school DnD, while DDO was like new school.  I lamented that there were no longer any sandboxey MMO's out there, nothing in the style of the original EQ.

Now there is.  Vanguard is an MMO which was designed in part by the original EQ designers.  It has the same exact feel.  Dying sux, you loose xp, you need to loot your corpse if you can, the whole world is one big instance, and you get your ass kicked all over the place.  It's not for pussies who want instant gratification, like WoW seems to cater to. 

Vanguard apparently sucked when it first came out 3 1/2 years ago.  They spent a lot of time fixing up things, and now it runs really well.  I became disenchanted with DDO at the high end game.  Endless grinding for gear is all the game is about, repeating the same boring quest over and over again in the dim hope that you might get the thing you wanted out of it so eventually in a year or so you can make that item you want.  Boring as shit. 

We'll see how Vanguard goes, as we get into it more.  But it seems that they are having a huge new influx of people.  I definitely don't see a lack of people to group with.  Check it out, its a good time.