Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hasbro Q2 2011 Earnings Call---Something Interesting in it This Time

From Seeking Alpha:

"And one of the key consumer insights that we are seeing as we do quantitative research is that face-to-face gaming are still something people really want and they seek out. And our Games business can absolutely grow. In fact, in the second quarter, our International games business grew. We've been working through the issues in our U.S. business, but overall, you will see more marriages of digital and analog. You'll see more new reinventions of our analog business and off-the-board games that will come into the future. So we think you can grow both."

No surprise there as to the first part---they probably spent 5 million bucks to research that though.  The rest of it gives credence to the speculation that 5e will be a combination electronic and face to face experience.