Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's With all the Zak/Raggi Hate Lately?

It seems to be building up lately for some reason.  I think part of it comes from jealousy---like this guy here.  

To make such a personal attack is so childish as to only come from something like jealousy and/or insecurity.  After all, Zak is well known, respected, an author/artist and successful in many fields.  That Kent dude---well, let's just say that when comparing "size," and showing a picture of the guy and saying "little fucker", we all know what the insecurity about size is really based on here.  He must have done a torrent search for some of Zak's films.  I met Zak in NYC for his show last fall.  He's a nice guy.  (And by the way, the art is not photoshopped stuff.  It's all hand made, paint on paper stuff.)  And judging by the women he was with, the "size" that Kent seems to be really insecure/jealous about likely isn't a problem for Zak.  By mentioning that Zak looked gay, even more indications that there is something else going on there with Kent...Perhaps a tingle down below in the dirty places when viewing a pic of Zak?  After all, there was a desire to seek one out...

As for that Errand guy, any Psychology for Dummies type book will give insight into the sexual repression disguised as morality going on there.  It reminds me of the kid in 1st grade pulling the pigtails of the girl he likes, trying to get attention and yet be mean at the same time, because he's just a bit confused.  The way he alternates back and forth on his attacks between Zak and Raggi though, about the only thing I can figure is that he wants to be the middle bar in the Eifel Tower.

Can't we all just get along?