Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's With all the Zak/Raggi Hate Lately?

It seems to be building up lately for some reason.  I think part of it comes from jealousy---like this guy here.  

To make such a personal attack is so childish as to only come from something like jealousy and/or insecurity.  After all, Zak is well known, respected, an author/artist and successful in many fields.  That Kent dude---well, let's just say that when comparing "size," and showing a picture of the guy and saying "little fucker", we all know what the insecurity about size is really based on here.  He must have done a torrent search for some of Zak's films.  I met Zak in NYC for his show last fall.  He's a nice guy.  (And by the way, the art is not photoshopped stuff.  It's all hand made, paint on paper stuff.)  And judging by the women he was with, the "size" that Kent seems to be really insecure/jealous about likely isn't a problem for Zak.  By mentioning that Zak looked gay, even more indications that there is something else going on there with Kent...Perhaps a tingle down below in the dirty places when viewing a pic of Zak?  After all, there was a desire to seek one out...

As for that Errand guy, any Psychology for Dummies type book will give insight into the sexual repression disguised as morality going on there.  It reminds me of the kid in 1st grade pulling the pigtails of the girl he likes, trying to get attention and yet be mean at the same time, because he's just a bit confused.  The way he alternates back and forth on his attacks between Zak and Raggi though, about the only thing I can figure is that he wants to be the middle bar in the Eifel Tower.

Can't we all just get along?


  1. You're right, Joe.

    Because I think extremely violent and sexual art is outside of the common art standards of the RPG industry and I don't like it, I must be a closet homosexual.

    You are brilliant.

  2. I think that Kent has issues with the success of others. I've heard nothing but good things about Zak and Raggi, they don't throw crap around the internet and seems like great people.

    Or maybe he's jealous of Zak...


    I don't get it either, but there's people I dig in real life that hate each other so I don't really care.

  4. Dr. Julius Hibbert: [confused] I don't understand. Are you saying you and Barbara are bad neighbours?
    George Bush: [annoyed] No, its not Bar and me. It's them!
    [Bush points at the Simpsons' house]
    Ned Flanders: Who, Maude and me?
    George Bush: No, the man and his boy. Ya know. The boy is named Bart. I don't know the name of the man.
    [calls in to his wife, Barbara]
    George Bush: Bar, what's the name of the man?
    Barbara Bush: [calling out to George] I'm not getting involved, George!

  5. Jim was being an attention whore with the whole grindhouse thing. Well, he got his attention, although instead of parish priests and elder statesmen denouncing his work in tones of hushed indignation, he basically managed to make a few overage geeks slightly peeved. ;)


    too many dicks on the dance floor...

    fellow nerds, this dick parade must end right here right now. STFU and GAME ON bitches!

  7. Well said all. Too many jealous, insecure idiots out there. Shame they're stuck behind a computer, making us weep with shame.




  9. So the punk who proudly jumps up and down saying "Look at me! I'm a shit-stirrer!" insults some people who insulted other people, and then whines, "Can't we all just get along?"

    If you had started with that phrase and then made a reasoned critique of the situation, you might have some credibility. But this underlines that you are just an attention whore, too, grovelling for approval from Raggi and Zak.


  10. Timothy, its more the point that I didn't like it getting personal. Between the picking on Zak for being a small guy, and the gay slur implicit in Kent's post, so much so that even errand had to disavow himself from it later, that's what sparked this post. I guess I'm just sensitive to size cracks, because I'm the opposite of Zak in that I'm fat. The gay thing---I worked in a place for years in the late 80's where I was one of the only straight people there. Homophobia and attacks on gays and lesbians were a lot more rampant back then than they are now. I saw what my good friends went through. That's what got me all tiled up here. So I attacked in the same way my gay guy friends used to attack their persecutors...through mockery and turning it back on them. I wasn't looking for approval from anyone. It was personal.

  11. I hadn't realized there was "Zak/Raggi Hate" going on. Maybe because I don't even read those other guys you linked to. Nothing worth worrying about... it's obvious who is really being "small" here.

  12. a. Jealousy of the reception Raggi's work has received.

    b. Jealousy that Zak works and plays with pornstars, whereas many gamers have to make do with drawings of sexy elf chicks.

    Pretty simple, really.

  13. OK, Joe, thanks for clarifying your thoughts a bit. Kent clearly has a gay-bash thing going on, and I can see now why it gets your hackles up.

    I don't think Greg's overstated attack on Raggi's art rises to the level of "hatred" that you are citing in your post title. But this situation brings out the hyperbole in bloggers.

    Thanks again for your reasoned response.


  14. @Greg:

    "You are brilliant."

    And you are an arrogant, obnoxious, moral scold with an ass so tight we can use your rectum to crush junked cars.


    "It disgusts me that you would seek sympathy for yourself because of some acquaintances travails."

    You know what disgusts me? (I mean, besides your trolling of Jim's blog and your cyberstalking of Zak.) People who try to excuse their heterosexism with glib word games.

    Greg. Kent. Do everyone a favor and get the fuck out of the role-playing hobby. Your presence is not required...

    ...nor is it desired.

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  16. I guess it's hard to just get along when people are throwing insults around. I really like how Anonymous up there assumes that Mandy (and/or Viv?) isn't really a person capable of her own decisions, though. That really helps the argument: good work.

    ...and I can't abide half on scumbags, can you? Or human or superhuman piles of shit.

    I thought outside of the common art standards of the RPG industry was the point. Who gets to set those standards? AFAICT the people with the largest budget, most of the time. Also, perhaps, dragging the frame of the sayable around a bit was part of the point, although I think Raggi was mostly aiming at provocation, which is kinda protest without a manifesto.

    But look at that, I'm getting dragged in. And judging by the fate of a bunch of other bloggers that means either someone's going to start calling me a Nazipervert or I'm going to start calling someone else that, and I don't see the point. To each their own perversions. And neuroses. Peace.


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