Sunday, June 12, 2011

D&D Shiterial Chronicles, Volume One, Episode One

Shiterial = Material you read while taking a shit.


D&D Shiterial = D&D material you read while taking a shit.

You see, I'm not such a deep thinker as to go on about the esoterica of D&D's history for page after page, or to post about subjective issues like morality in D&D, and judge others by my own moral standards, like some dumbshit motherfuckers do.

However, I've found that personally, I'm at my most contemplative about life and the meaning and the nature of the universe while taking a good shit.  Buddha had his tree, I have my toilet.  I figured I'd combine that moment of perfection and oneness with the universe with reading D&D stuff from the bygone era and see where that leads me. 

This morning's zen moment:

Did you guys know that on page 22 of the Judges Guild Ready Ref Sheets there is a half a page devoted to sharks, with a ton of different kinds of sharks, what type of water they are in, and their chances to attack people?   Pretty cool!