Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paizo to Release an Introductory Boxed Set for Pathfinder

Check it out.  I wish them all the best with this.  Anything that is sold in mainstream stores that is stylistically closer to the game that I like to play is a good thing.  Increases the chances of getting players in my games. 

I just wonder...will it be more like Holmes which lead players to AD&D by design, but leading folks to Pathfinder? Or more like BECMI and stand alone as a game in itself, a more simplified Pathfinder, taking characters to high levels with more releases?

Edit--Seems more like Holmes---see this discussion... where Jason answers the question

If they wanted to, they could do both I think.   A rules light PF would be a good game.


  1. I've been playing Pathfinder since day one, but I'm still eager to get my hands on this. I can't wait to run it for my daughter.

  2. I wont be playing it, but i'll definitely by buying it.


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