Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hasbro Doesn't Even Sell the Latest Version of D&D on Its Webpage

Check it out.  I was taking a look at the latest quarterly report for some mention of D&D (none again, as usual) and decided to see what they have for sale for D&D on the Hasbro site.  The boxed set of D&D they have up there, along with 6 other items, seem to be ancient.  Maybe you guys can tell me, is that boxed set from the 3.0 or 3.5 days?  It certainly is not Essentials, and doesn't appear to be 4e by the description.

Too bad its not a complete product listing from a few years ago, or we may have been able to get the pdf's for sale via a loophole caused by Hasbro's apathy for the brand.


  1. Yeah, that's the 3E basic set.

  2. Not sure, but it's definitely not the 4E one. Those mini sets are old as hell too.

  3. And yet, strangely enough, the dice set that is there is the one from 2008 released in conjunction with 4E.

    That's really just odd.

  4. Wow. That speaks volumes for how much Hasbro values the Dungeons & Dragons property.

  5. I'm a 4E fan, but I have to admit I think it speaks volumes for how convoluted and spread out the game is now.

    If someone were to pick up the game, what would they buy? I guess the essentials line. What about those other books? No clue. Outdated and if anyone were kind enough to give an honest opinion in a store, I'd tell them to never buy the PHB 1/2, DMG 1/2, MM 1/2, Adventurer's Vault 1/2, Dungeon Delves, or Open Grave. That is a lot of stuff out there that is outdated, non-errata books.

    4.5 (or a 'second printing') is on the horizon I think. Too confusing a product line.

  6. @Geek Ken: I don't think this has anything to do with the state of the current product line. This has everything to do with D&D being so low on Hasbro's priority list that they don't bother updating their website to reflect anything resembling recent changes to the brand (i.e., anything in the last decade). On the bright side, it's this same level of corporate disinterest in the brand that has allowed WotC to develop D&D at their own pace and in the direction they want.

    I am with you on most of those books, though; there are better options. Dungeon Master's Guide 2, however, is a truly fantastic book and should be read by every DM. Yes, some of the math printed in it is outdated, but the sections on how to run a game and the info presented on monster themes, companion characters, and terrain are the ones that make it a worthwhile purchase.

  7. If you follow the links to their online store and search for WOTC they don't even have any D&D product for sale. Just one pack of minis. WTF. Why don't they carry their own product?


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