Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Game of Thrones

I just read this post, and have to say I agree with her that Game of Thrones is hard to watch. 

I was just saying the same thing to my brother the other day.  He hasn't read the series yet, and I have.  For him, it's a must see event every Sunday.  For me, I know how things go, who dies and when, and what senselessness there is in many of the deaths of some of the people I grew to care about.  The whole series is depressing, as I turn each page wondering who the author is going to kill off randomly in the next chapter.  I find myself watching the series with the same sense of dread as reading the books, especially since the series makes me like some of my favorite actors even more, due to their excellent acting.  Plus, having nephews and nieces the age of the kids on the show, it breaks my heart to see what they have gone through, and knowing what they will go through is even more gut wrenching.   But damn its a well done series, in terms of an adaptation to the books they were based on, as well as the sets and acting.