Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOTC Poll Results Up

I made a big deal about it last week, and someone brought it to my attention that they are now showing results.

It looks like they are giving out the results with the following week's article and poll. This week's poll is a 2-parter:

How much player content would you feel comfortable reading and incorporating into your campaign each year?


What kind of stuff do you want the most?

They seem to be doing some real analysis on how to go forward with their product lines.

Annoyingly, whereas the last article had a link for discussion that took you to the specific discussion of that article, the link for discussion under this article drops you into what appears to be the top level of the WOTC boards. I wanted to read what others had to say, but I am not going to spend all night looking for the right discussion thread. Way to go...

I assume we will get the results next week. I would rather see the results as we go, so we can see the number of votes before we vote, and then see after we vote the new total, to see our vote accurately reflected. Not that I have trust issues or anything...