Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Castle Keeper's Guide: Pdf Pricing---EPIC FAIL

It's the long awaited tome---the DMG for Castles and Crusades, essentially. Thought to be DnD Vaporware, it finally arrived. I got my credit card out, assuming I would have it on my screen in mere minutes.

But a pdf priced at $31.99? Seriously?

After what Paizo did, I seriously doubt anyone can ever get away with charging more than 10 bucks for a pdf again and hope to make decent sales. For 10 bucks I'll buy anything in pdf format, sight unseen, just to take a chance. A pdf purchase is ultimately a gamble, and at 10 bucks a good one. For 32 bucks I want a goddamned hardcover book with 3-d chicks in chainmail bikinis showing me just how cold it is outside.

Granted they give a preview of the table of contents on the sales page, but without actually thumbing through the whole book in a store (right, like gaming stores exist anymore) I'm not sure of the content and if it will be useful or not. But 32 bucks isn't worth the gamble.

That being said, the guys at TLG are among the coolest guys in gaming. I like their attitude and wish them all the best. I wish they would do an alternative to the Siege Engine thing, as I don't like it in the slightest, but hey, what can ya do.