Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Open Poll Question Related to pdf's, as Opposed to WOTC's Ninja Market Research Disguised as a Poll

So I'm over reading Mike Mearls' latest article called Miniature Madness, and it was interesting. His opinion in the article also shows he leans old school in terms of some game style preferences. There was a poll at the end which interested me. So I clicked my answer, while wondering what everyone else would say. Then I looked for a result, to see how my answer compared to the rest. And I couldn't find the poll results anywhere.


All I got was a "Your vote has been recorded!" msg.

Maybe I'm a retard, or maybe one of my many Firefox add-ons is blocking it, but I can't find a link to the results anywhere, not even in the discussion associated with that article. If it's buried somewhere else, or right in front of my face and I'm missing it, please let me know and I'll happily eat crow. Shit, It wouldn't even be the first time today I had to.

If you're going to ask members of your community for opinions via a poll because it's an interesting topic, don't you think you ought to let us know the results? After all, without our input you would have nothing.

Of course, if it's part of some super secret market research, then the polite thing is to let us know that ahead of time, so we can decide if we want to be part of some market survey, which will affect future products, which are part of a hobby we care about.

Anyway, maybe I'm just being a prick here, but I don't like being part of a market survey unless I know about it ahead of time. Be upfront about it for Chrissake. Have a little integrity. Why do I care? Because frankly I don't trust WOTC to represent the survey results accurately if it suited their marketing needs to do otherwise. Call me paranoid, or a distrustful bastard, but they lost some credibility in my eyes. I used to work for a big company who would do marketing surveys tainted and twisted to their sales needs, or to back-up and give legitimacy (ass coverage) to previously made executive decisions (stupid ones usually). So it's not exactly unheard-of.

If you're going to add a survey as part of an article which has a discussion link associated with that article, I think it's fair for a reader to assume they'll see the survey results so they can talk about it. To go and pull this ninja marketing survey on us is basically just using us for your own purposes, without any sort of consideration or warning. No one likes being used.

Maybe I'm just pissed at myself and projecting the anger at WOTC because I keep forgetting, we aren't considered a community of fellow hobbyists by the owners of the trademark. We're just a pool of potential purchasers. If I had kept that in mind, I wouldn't have been duped. I keep forgetting, they just don't give a shit unless they can get us to buy something from them.

Anyhow, my survey. Based on his last article.

Simple question, respond in the comments below: Would you pay a subscription if that was the price of being able to purchase WOTC pdf's of older products? How much would you pay? What if the pdf's weren't portable, in that they could only be read through the interface of proprietary software?

Discuss below. Anonymous posts will be deleted on this poll and all future polls I may post, as I believe if you want to express an opinion in a poll, you ought to have the balls to attach your name to your opinion.

My take---I would never pay a subscription. I just want to be able to go to a site and buy Temple of Elemental Evil at a reasonable price for a pdf version, without any strings attached, ninja surveys required, or subscriptions or proprietary software needed.

Your take?