Monday, May 10, 2010

If WOTC Breaks Up, Who Would You Want to Get What? Making the Best Out of a Worst Case Scenario...

The recent round of layoffs got me thinking:  What if the inevitable happened this week?  WOTC got out of the RPG business and sold off pieces of itself?  Who would you want to get what?

Greyhawk goes to Paizo, mostly because Erik Mona is there and he loves the setting, so will take care of it.  Plus he did what I consider the best GH resource ever, the GH Gazetteer.

Green Ronin gets the older editions of D&D to publish.  Paizo is already tied to PF, and has its hands full.  Green Ronin/Pramas would do a good job, and Pramas like the old school games, as proven by Dragon Age. Also, they know how to get books on bookshelves. I saw DA in Borders the other day.  They would have to vow to keep the core books of each edition always in production though.

Ed Greenwood gets all things Forgotten Realms, so he can go back and put out the definitive edition of the setting, wiping out all the crappiness he was party to over the last 20 years. I get it, gotta go where the money is.  But still, some of the world changing contortions the various iterations of the setting went through blew me away in their suckage.

Older modules go to Necromancer Games, as long as he promises to always keep them published. 

Newer modules get used for campfire tinder, as they suck ass anyhow. 

Goodman Games get nothing, because I just don't like Goodman's pomposity.

All executives at WOTC who are not gamers must work as snow shovelers in Siberia for the rest of their lives.

Anyone else?