Saturday, May 8, 2010

Courtney Love: Last Bitch Standing?

I saw her on Stern the other day, and she is crazy as ever, even though she is off drugs (she says).  Anyhow, something she said took me by surprise.  In response to a comment by Stern on other female rockers, she basically said name then, that there aren't any, and she's the "last bitch standing."

I draw a clear distinction between rock and top 40 pop, so Lady Gaga doesn't count. With that distinction in mind, what other woman is still out there kickin' ass, rockin' on stage?

EDIT to add clarification as to what I mean by still rockin' and kickin' ass from my comments below:  Are they out there creating new music? Doing anything new?  Or just playing the same old stuff they've been playing for the last 30 years?  Are they creating anything relevant to today's music scene? Do they have new albums with new music that's still Rock or Metal?

(Yeah, I know, not D&D, but who cares. I've had some of my best "listening to metal/rock" moments while playing D&D anyhow, usually when deep into a hairy combat scene.)