Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Announcing a Vintage/Old School RPG Gaming Convention in Connecticut!!

It is called Fal-Con, and will be held in Middletown, CT this fall. They are taking event submissions now.  It is focused on all Vintage RPG's, not just DnD.

I spoke with the person organizing it, and he seems pretty cool.  He was really impressed with GaryCon, and wanted to do something similar in CT.

After putting together my list of old school gamers in the state, I had the idea to do a East Coast Old School Con.   I figured there were two in the center of the country, with the North Texas RPG Con, and GaryCon. Seems someone else had a similar idea. A friend of his was nice enough to point me to this, the inaugural event.

With Middletown CT roughly a 2-3 hour car drive from 30 million people, I'm sure we can fill the hall.  My hope is that this becomes the premiere Vintage/Old School Con in the region. 

As of now there are no luminaries or guests of honor, and no exhibitors, just a bunch of gamers.  I think that's the way the event organizer wants it, the first time out.  A low key, low cost, all day gaming event.  Please don't let that stop anyone, luminary or not, from coming down for some Vintage RPG fun. 

I am going to be running at least one session of Castle Zagyg: Upper Works, and perhaps a classic module as well---I am thinking of running a Judges Guild one.  Anyone else interested?

Here's the link: