Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wacky Weird Wild Wednesday! Jimi Hendrix and the D&D Connection

Remember my Medieval Bard Rock Band campaign? (Click the bard dude on the right for more information)  Well, we played a few times and it was fun as hell. One guy plays a bard much like the Russel Brand's character "Aldous Snow" from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Another guy plays someone much like Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse. There's another guy who plays the halfling drummer, but like most drummers, you don't hear much from him.

Anyhow, during one of their first shows in the City of Freeport, in the orcish equivalent of Mos Eisley, the city guards assaulted the place in force, a riot broke out, and ultimately the place burned down around the band as they played on, like the guys on the Titanic.

As a result of that, there was an incident with one of the guards the next day during "questioning", wherein the Nathan Explosion character beat the living shit out of one of his interrogators, before being taken down by 4 others.

So that sparked an idea. The interrogator who got his ass kicked, whose name is Joe (for reasons which will become apparent later, but its not what you think) is out for some payback. After work hours, Joe is going to get a bunch of his friends together, off duty city guards mostly, and go kick Nathan's ass.

The attack will come in the blighted area of the orc quarter, where weird alchemical experiments left the ground unstable, subject to explosions, and other random magical occurrences.

The random occurrence I have in mind is a good old fashioned wild gate, leading here:

Guess what though? Joe an his cronies are right behind them.  A wild chase through all the spectacle that is Woodstock, the sex, drugs, sex, and rock 'n roll, and the sex and drugs.  Especially the drugs. At some point I'm sure I can find a way for them to ingest Acid, leading to a wacky trip in which they realize they need to get with Hendrix for a way out of there.

All the while, in the room as background music I will be playing the songs played at Woodstock on that final night, in the order they were played. (Though I may skip over songs, and I seriously doubt Sha Na Na will get any airtime).

The songs set an artificial time limit imposed on the group. They need to get to Hendrix for help getting out before he plays his final song, he being a master level Bard himself, able to access the Astral Plane with music if he wants to.  The characters will have to take up instruments and play with him, and roll good performance checks in order for the spell to work.  (Hendrix actually played the last set at Woostock).

All the while, they will be chased by Joe and his thugs, who manage to arm themselves with modern weapons, and they have to maneuver through the mud and rain, and the sights and sounds, while still tripping on Acid.

They may even have to fight Joe and his thugs through music, while on stage.  

Note the songs played in Woostock's final hours, as well as Hendrix' last song....

Check the lyrics, which may have to be changed slightly, but I'm sure the first part will stay the same...

Hendrix' parting gift to them, should the Astral Spell go off as planned, will be a flask of Acid (not the burn holes in rock kind), and about a pound of Pot, which they will find in a pouch later.

How's that for a first Wild Weird Wacky Wednesday?