Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skin In The Game

Lately I've been sitting here thinking about the fantastically creative blog network I am hooked into with you guys. I realized that I'm a guy with a lot of opinions, on most everything, and a long background with D&D. But as for creative contributions to the network, I don't think I've offered anything. Nothing to take back to your gaming table, or to spark your imaginations like many of you have sparked mine. The more I think about it, the more I feel like a leech, a talking head, a useless pundit of subjective opinions. I have no skin in the game.

Perhaps coinciding with my decrease in gaming lately, I feel the need to create something. Anything. I need to get the juices flowing, to express myself.

To kill two birds with one stone, and to check off some "Life's Resume" items as my 40th birthday approaches (May 23, for whoever wants to buy me an obscenely expensive gift) I've decided to make a commitment to creativity with the blog. To actually add something, rather than just talk about what's already out there.

Monday through Friday, starting next week, I will have a regular contribution to the blog, following a daily theme, repeated weekly:

Magical Monday: I create something magical like an item, or a spell, or something else you can add to your game.

Terrible Tuesday: I write about something to challenge the PC's, like a monster, trap, trick, puzzle, riddle, etc.

Wondrous Wednesday: I write about something weird, wondrous, wild, or whacky. Anything goes, no limits.

Thoughtful Thursday: I write about whatever is on my mind regarding D&D, RPG's, etc. This is the easy one, as I do it already with most of my posts.

Fiction Friday: I add a short piece of fiction to the blog. Perhaps the most daunting task, and the one that will take most of the week to do. But truly, its part of the larger goal I have.

Like many of us, I would love to be a fiction writer. I've always been scared to take the first step. Putting this out there in public, a commitment to doing it, will force me to do what I've been too nervous to do these many years---write, and see if I can eventually make a go at it full time. I don't expect the fiction to be that great, but I am throwing it up there as a challenge to myself, and as a request to you guys for feedback, so that I can grow to be better at it.

Anyhow, now that I've typed all this up, and kicked back a few shots of Capt. Morgan for courage, I guess its Game On!