Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Political Correctness Run Amok re: Gencon's SPA

Gimme a break...


Get a sense of humor, seriously.

Scroll down to the bottom of the comments to see GenCon's official response, written by the WOMAN who came up with the idea in the first place.

EDIT to add:

As for the differences in opinion, I think it may be a generational thing, in combination with economic background thing.

As to the generational aspect, the older you are, generally the less political correctness took hold of you. The longer you've expressed yourself a certain way, and found certain things funny the less likely you are to change. There's a whole generation of folks (under 30) for whom political correctness is just the way it is, the way it always was, rather than something imposed on people by come tyranny of culture. I'm sure lawyers and lawsuits were behind it somehow, for some reason, in implementing some Human Resource department's BS directive.

The other aspect of it is economic background, in that those more likely to have grown up with parents who were white collar as opposed to blue collar, or who themselves work in white collar jobs as opposed to blue collar jobs, have internalized the PC'ness more, and adopted it due to constant exposure to it in their environment. It's become a cultural norm.

Me, coming from a dirty ring-around-the-collar blue collar background, (growing up in my house Archie Bunker was GOD), and having spent most of my life working with regular working class people, and being old for my age in my viewpoint on certain things, I thought it was funny.

There's wine people, there's the poseur "beer poured out of a perfectly good bottle and into a glass" people, then there's the can of Schlitz people. I'm more of a Schlitz kinda guy.

I guarandamntee you, the Schlitz people and the old fuckers thought it was funny.