Monday, April 19, 2010

Magic Monday-----First Post on my New Schedule!

To kick off my Magic Monday posts, I am going to share a new spell.

The inspiration for the spell came to me today while sitting in the dentist's office, on part 3 of my seemingly endless root canal, watching smoke pour out of my mouth from the drilling. I closed my eyes and retreated to my happy place of D&D, and Voila!

Level 4 Magic User Spell
Range: 120 feet
Duration: Permanent, or see below.
Save: Yes
Casting time: 1 round.

If the target of this spell fails its saving throw, all of its teeth instantly rot and fall out over the course of the next round. While this is happening, the target can't attack, and has to spit out its teeth in order to avoid choking on them.

Any bite attacks made on subsequent rounds by the now toothless beast have their damage reduced by half, if not more, per the DM's discretion. For example, a toothless piranha probably won't do to much damage, if any, while a toothless dinosaur, due to its size, will still do some crushing damage. Material component is something sweet, like candy, sugar or rum.

If the target saves, there is no effect, unless a material component of a whole onion is used while casting the spell. If used, the target, even if it saves, has disgustingly nasty breath for a week. Note that by "used while casting", it means that the onion must be completely consumed by the caster during casting, which adds another minute to the casting time, with the resultant side effects to the caster's breath for a day.

If the saving throw is failed by 5 or less, the teeth will grow back in their original condition in 1-2 months. Otherwise, the beastie will be gumming his food forever, or until he finds a set of dentures that fit his mouth.


Hope you liked. If you think it sucked, well, bite me. :) I blame any suckyness on the Vicadin and Smirnoff happy hour here at Casa de Joe.

(I still can't believe I committed to this posting schedule)