Friday, March 19, 2010

Kill Fuck or Marry? 3 Versions of D&D...

For those not familiar with the game, it is usually applied to members of the opposite sex, usually people you are friends with or work with. Out of a pool of only 3 available options, you have to Kill one, Marry one, and Fuck one, and state the reasons why.

The only 3 options are:

1. 3.x/Pathfinder
2. 4E
3. Older D&D editions

I'd fuck 3.x, because of all its robust and well endowed body parts, but would grow tired of it quickly because the relationship would grow more and more complex as time went on, giving me more and more headaches, when all I wanted was a quick roll of the dice.

I'd kill 4e because the sex would be a grind. You know you're gonna get to the climax eventually, but you have to keep at it for a boring monotonous hour and a half just to get there.

I'd marry older editions because even though she's aged and has seen better days, she knows what matters most in a relationship and gives me what I want quick, with a minimum of fuss.


In that spirit and format....your choices?