Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ending Dungeons and Dragons Online

After a couple of life-stolen months, I am giving up DDO. Besides wanting the time to commit to achieving other things in my life, both my brother and I came to the same conclusions about the game that made it less fun the more we played.

While the game engine was great, and the 3.5 system's thoroughness was fully utilized by the game, the one big thing lacking was the social aspect. The lack of social interaction was profound. Everyone always seemed to be doing their own thing.

Also, the lack of the ability to actually travel around a world got old. We always based out of the one town they made, and went on one adventure after another, wherein we never interacted with anyone else. It wasn't the same as the old EQ dys, where you saw various groups running through the same dungeons as you, camping various parts of it.

Another thing lacking was that nothing you did ever affected anyone else's game experience, even in the smallest ways. I actually missed having someone yell "TRAIN!!" as they came running from some impossible fight that went out of control, with a trail of badass monsters running after them, slaying all in their path.

Death and resurrection were too easy, with minimal penalties.

Maybe it was just being used to old Everquest, or just coming from an old school mindset, but the game did not satisfy anymore.

In any case, I welcome my life back, and am looking forward to doing other stuff with my time.