Sunday, December 6, 2009

My First Con, and my first of a lot of things....

I went to Anonycon today, in Connecticut. It was definitely fun. Though I'd never run Red Hand of Doom under 3.x rules, I did enjoy reading it. I converted ti to AD&D rules. We ended up playing the final chapter in the book, the assault on the cult headquarters.

Other than a playtest a few weeks ago, I had not played or DM'd an AD&D game in over 20 years. Even the materials playtested I chose not to use (it was the 4th chapter). So it was definitely a helluva an experience--first convention, first time running a game for people I didn't know very well, first conversion of a newer game to an older ruleset. It was a blast though. I even added in some traps from James Raggi's Green Devil Face 3, just to old school it up a bit more.

I'm glad everyone seemed to have fun. Next time, I won't pull so many punches out of fear of looking like a dickhead DM. My regular group already knows me as such, so with them I can get away with it. :)