Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does Pathfinder mark the end of the age of prestige classes?

Do you think people are just tired of splatbooks after the 3.5 era, after seeing what the never-ending splatbook nuclear arms prestige class race ultimately lead to? Are we thankful for good interesting core classes that can be played to high level, and want to just stick with them? Does the Pathfinder RPG mark the new age of far fewer prestige classes?

Did the interruption of no 3.x splatbooks force us to be a bit introspective, take a look around, and realize "Shit, prestige classes are a pain in the ass.  Who needs them and the kind of game they lead to."

The point of my question is as to prestige classes specifically, not splatbooks in general.  Or are prestige classes so integral to splatbook sales that they can not be left out?

Was Pathfinder the impetus many needed to finally say "No more prestige classes!" ?  A natural break with the past in some ways which justifies putting an end to them in peoples' campaigns?  A way to justify getting off the prestige class treadmill?

Another reason may be we are all older now, we who played through the 3.x era, and can pick and choose what we want a bit more discriminatingly, and are less reliant on splatbooks for game mechanic related things? Ideas are always good to glean, but game mechanic stuff like prestige classes, less so? That seems to be a lot of what I am seeing in a thread on I started on getting older...

Also, maybe just going back to core is scratching that Grognard itch?