Saturday, September 5, 2009

D&D/RPG Gamer demographics and online/electronic social networking mediums

I just read ths article, and thought it might spark some interesting discussion re: RPG/D&D players and the social networking sites we use. Check it out.

For me, I have Facebook and Myspace but I go on Myspace like once a month to check out the two friends who are on there. I don't like it. I recently set up a Facebook account specifically for family members and have a separate one for friends, because I don't want my 16 yr old cousin of my 78 year old uncle to be part of my social interactions with my friends. I have a blog I post to maybe once a week, and I subscribed to Twitter, mostly to follow D&D related tweets. I don't know anyone else who uses it other than D&D related people. I check it once a day, usually when I get home from work, and usually see so many "tweets" that I don't even bother reading them.

As far as text messaging on a cell phone, I can't stand it, and do it very rarely. I use IRC like a few times a year for chat rooms related to D&D. I do have text messaging set up with AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, GMail, MSN and Facebook, and run them all through one central interface program called Pidgin. I don't use Skype/internet voicechat or any sort of webcam/video conferening applications.

Just to add to it, on how my use integrates with my RPG hobby, I tried once in the mid 90's to do a voice over modem connection game of D&D with a guy from our group who moved away and our group. It failed horribly. I am sure it would work better now than on the half duplex modem setup we used, but we haven't had a need to try since then.

I use IM to chat with another guy from various boards or blogs I read, but that's rarely.

I do post to other people's blogs once in a while to comment, but that might be once a week or so.

I check on maybe 6 boards a day, but post 99% of the time on

I used to have as Facebook "friends" maybe 60 people in the rpg industry, then I realized I didn't really know any of them, and didn't really care to know that much about their personal lives, so I unfriended them.

Every once in a while I go to IRC Chatrooms for the Greytalk chat on That's a rare thing though.

Every so often I will listen to or watch a RPG related podcast or Youtube video, if the interviewee or topic looks interesting.

I'm curious what the rest of us use, in order to determine the demographic for D&D/RPG'ers, if there is any such thing. Also, what do you use and how do you use such applications in support of the hobby?

Feel free to post ehre in comments, or I have a poll set up here: