Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bought the Pathfinder RPG Hardvcover today.

I got a copy of the hardcover in Connecticut from a Borders bookstore.

I had to drive an hour to get it, and it apparently is the only bookstore of the major chains (Borders and Barnes & Noble) in about 150 miles that is going to get one in any time soon---and this store only got ONE in.

The thing is so heavy I had to strap it in with a seatbelt, so in case I stopped short it wouldn't blast through my engine block.

I'll take a look through it this weekend and let you all know my thoughts. I know it is definitely well worth picking it up, even if, like me, you have the pdf. There is just something about having a book to read and understand something. The pdf is good as a reference once you learn it, but to learn and get it I think that for me a book is a must.