Sunday, August 23, 2009

GNS Theories and RPG's--What a Joke.

I just read about the RPG theories of GNS and all the other crap Ron Edwards is puking out at the Forge. What a useless waste.

It reminds me of corporate group think. It reminds me of marketing departments and people with studies and excel spreadsheets and their fictional projections. It reeks of justifications for clueless corporate behavior. It's just some crap you tell your boss when your project fails, or to justify a new one and keep your job a little longer:

"It was obviously too Gamist, not enough Narrativist. We've brought in a consultant, and in the next book, we will have a chapter to address the Narrativist approach and expand the user-base. We project that because of this profits will go up by 4.7%, and we will meet our fiscal goals for the year."

In the meantime, you polish up the resume and start sending it out, because you know you only bought yourself a little bit of time before the new project crashes and burns. But hey, you'll be gone by then, right?

Or even worse, you're clueless and came up the ranks by kissing ass, being a good corporate pawn, drinking the Kool-Aid, and you believe the bullshit you spew out and the consultants that feed it to you. You use it to justify yourself in the eyes of people who actually ARE good at something naturally, while you just plain ol' suck at it. But hey, you know the fancy bullshit lingo, so you're just as good at it as they are, right?

Game design and great DM'ing is an art, not a science. Much like public speaking, sales, creative writing, painting, or other activities which depend on a person's inherent natural gift for something, you can't train someone without those latent natural gifts to be really great at it. You either have it in you already, or you don't.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach (and make up useless theories about RPG's.)