Friday, June 19, 2009

Question for WOTC/Rouse re: Retroclones

I just posted this over at ENWorld. Hopefully there is an answer which gives the Retroclones a bit more certainty.

Does WOTC have any official position on the question of whether or not OSRIC, Swords and Wizardry, or Labyrinth Lord violates WOTC's intellectual property rights in any way? How about retroclones in general?

If there is no offical position on this question, is the question still under legal review? Is the question on the legal department's radar at all? Might it be in the future?

In other words, are the developers and sellers of the retroclones and those who produce retroclone compatible material ever going to face the threat of legal action from WOTC/Hasbro for violating WOTC's intellectual property rights for what's already been produced as of now?