Friday, April 10, 2009

How my resources interact with the characters personalities, and their motivations.

The odd thing about the new campaign is that it will be almost entirely city-based. The characters do not want to adventure in the classic sense. They want to sing, get laid, get rich, and get drunk. If there's a fight, so be it, but they wont ever seek out a fight. That's their personalities as they have described it to me.

As players they want some action, of course, but the characters will not. Dungeoneering will be rare. They will be city folk. Think of a lifelong NY City rich park avenue Manhattanite going to live in the woods for a week, and that's how they will view a wilderness adventure.

I am using the sourcebooks as described s resources, gleaning random things from them. But mostly, the adventures will be city-based. More along the lines of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser's Lankhmar city-based adventures. While I have the need for the occasional dungeon or wilderness adventure, it will not be the primary focus.

The city by its nature as a huge open dungeon where you can go anywhere you want at a whim, requires me to have more toys in my sandbox than an average wilderness of dungeon adventure would.

Remember, the 3 PC's are bards. They are in a band. A band with a decidedly "Metal" look and feel. They wear studded leather armor when performing, etc.

I shouldn't have much trouble getting to do some risky fights or dungeon crawls once in a while. After all, If Mordenkainen, Robilar, the Grey Mouser and Conan come out of Castle Zagyg with a book describing a magic item like "Dirk Diggler's Ring of Enlarged Appendage" hidden somewhere on level 4, if they play true to the characters they have described to me, it ought to get them into the dungeon.

At higher levels, I would imagine the penultimate quest would be to find the three most powerful magic items ever made for bards:

Ringo's Drums of the Throbbing Beat
Sinatra's Amulet of the Seductive Crooner
and of course...
Tenacious D's Pick of Orgasmic Ecstasy

They will desire these items as a means to increase their chances to pick up women, which is what all heavy metal band guys want anyhow.

Once they get the women, they will of course have to roll their Performance:Sex checks to see how they perform. A roll of 1 means they either can't rise to the occasion, or the performance ends after 3 seconds.

Afterwards, of course, they will have to roll a Fortitude Save vs. Venerial Disease, which a surprisingly high percentage of the population of women in Freeport have. At least the women they manage to seduce, that is. I have a particularly insidious list of types of VD to choose from.

The penultimate bard instruments will also help them perform against their Nemesis Band: The Block brothers, who are a bunch of Kids, relatively speaking, named Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donny and Danny. They will somehow always get the best gigs, and the best women, and thus be a level or so higher than my players' band at all times.

If while they are performing a concert in a bar the floor erupts underneath them, and a worm ridden by Fafhrd blasts into the room, with his sword buried in its back and him holding on for dear life, well, I guess they'll have to fight, huh? And then deal with that big hole leading straight into level 5 of Castle Zagyg that now exists.

Lots of ideas are percolating.